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Ever wonder what that is? Well, its a condition of the neck where it’ll be “naturally” positioned in a rotation and side flexed. Basically, malpositioning of the head during preganancy, causes injury to the sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle. When injury happens, naturally our body will act to heal it, however in this case, re-injury happens d/t the sustained posture therefore fibrous tumor would form at the SCM muscles. this stimulates healthy myoblasts to degenerate resulting in production of excessive collagen by the fibroblasts. End result? Contracture of the SCM.

Obvious impairments would be reduced ROM of the neck for the ipsilateral rotation and contralateral lateral flexion and muscle tightness which also affects hyoids, tongue and facial muscle. It is also impossible to maintain midline alignment of the head with the torso. Prolonged or untreated condition could also lead to scoliosis and facial asymmetry. 

As usual, physiotherapy treatment would be stretching of the tightened muscles. Besides that, babies grow up with stimulation. therefore, it is crucial to always stimulate them from the side that they neglected d/t the impairments. Personally, i think that this would also help the baby try to overcome the tightness themselves. Positioning should also be implement and teach to the parents for home -based treatment. Once, full ROM achieved more education and re-training of normal function have to be done as child may adapt to limitations they had. This includes symmetrical movement of the limbs, propping, rolling and symmetrical weight bear.All this treatment are done by stimulation. 

Perhaps on another notice, i’d talk specifically on treatment. :) 

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